Introduction to SHAW


We want to welcome you to SHAW.  This stands for Strategic Human Alignment Worldwide.  Currently we are a start-up company just looking to get some good information out to the masses.  So let’s meet SHAW.  

Today we will meet Delia Barone.

My name is Delia Barone and I have over 10 years’ experience in the higher education workforce sector and over 8 years post bachelors of education rooted in organizational theory and communication. I have many roles and my most proud is being a mother, full-time worker and graduate student finishing my Doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. As an academic Advisor and Instructor for both Undergraduate and Graduate students at the College level/University level, I have found great satisfaction in seeing my students graduate and continue on with their education and learning ways. I am proficient and experienced in both traditional, online, and hybrid learning platforms within higher educational organizational systems. My research includes organizational development theories, learning agility, organizational communication, and OD change models both for organizations and its human agents.

Here is a small snapshot of my thinking with regards on how to motivate my students, clients, and peers.


To Teach “Education”: To teach to learn

To teach education for me is motivation to learn. I am passionate about education because I am able to learn.
Education gives me the chance to learn new things, explore different concepts, lead new people, and encourage others to educate each other. As educators, specifically in this generation, there is a huge disconnect on understanding the concept of “motivating students”, as well as change behind motivation. Before we evaluate this concept, it is important to first acknowledge leadership in our students lives and then question whether our students have leaders to motivate them or learn from? When I have students tell me “I don’t know what I want to do with my life” or “I don’t like school”, the question that always follows from me is “why do you think you don’t know or like these things?” What if the reason students are jaded about motivation is because they have never been taught ‘how to motivate themselves? Rather then ponder and contemplate where our society is going because our students aren’t motivated, why not try to motivate them right now…at this exact moment! I love the advantages of the “discovery method” because these ideas insinuate leadership through self-discovery. I believe in the value of my students and recognize that maybe the students that aren’t motivated have never been taught or know how to motivate themselves. Taking into account “learning styles,” I view my classroom as a two-way street where students never feel inferior, but are equals in understanding learning and motivation. Rather than bask in the ambiance of our generations incapability to learn or motivate themselves, why not be the leader that teaches them how to motivate themselves? Be the change! Whether they are auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learners…if they aren’t motivated….then I will help them and encourage them to motivate themselves. I am an educator after all…… this is my job, this is what I do. I change people in our society for the better from a utilitarian standpoint.


Please let us know if you have any questions.  We can be reached at  

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