Introduction Pt 2 SHAW

Hello Everyone, 


Yesterday, we met Delia Barone and she gave us some understanding of the psychological and theoretical components to what SHAW is about and hopes to accomplish.  Today we will be meeting Daniel Zimmerman.  Mr. Zimmerman is very much a management person with views on organizational leadership and learning.  You will notice a very black and white thought process.

Together, Delia and Daniel will make waves when it comes to the human condition within organizations.  

Let’s Meet Daniel Zimmerman

Hello, my name is Daniel Zimmerman and I have over 10 years of higher educational experience in student c coaching, business coaching and career coaching and organizational management.   I have my Bachelor’s degree in Education and Psychology as well as two Master’s degrees in Business Administration (MBA) and Human Resources Management (MHRM).  Currently, I am working on my Doctorate in Management (DM) with an emphasis in organizational leadership, organizational learning and transformational change.  As a student coach, academic advisor, instructor and leader, I have found that there is a great need for knowledge in common sense concepts that might not be taught in the high school setting or even at the college level.  This led to write my first book, The Seven Anchors and publish many articles on these ideals.  Through this book, I have been able to help address those areas in my clients and students life that have benefited them greatly.

What do I hope to accomplish with SHAW?

This is a great question.  Since we are just in the infancy of the organization the sky is the limit. My goal from a management and business stand point to assist organizations with their needs in talent retention and organizational learning.  This will be accomplished by working with leadership to come up with a consensus of the organizational culture and an understanding the goals of the organization.  The Problem:  What I have found is that employees are very excited to begin a new job and come in with zest and an eagerness to learn.  After a couple of years or repetition and lack of growth, those employees are no longer looking to move up the organizational ladder.  In fact, 1 of 10 employees are actually motivated to grow versus being happy with the status quo and just waiting for the weekend?  Why is this happening?  Organizational culture and employee understanding are not on the same page and are not congruent to each other causing stress!  The old way of running a business is gone and if organizations are looking to obtain and keep top talent, leaders  better address the their culture and begin to learn what employees want if they do not want to go extinct. 

Where does SHAW come in?

We help address these culture shifts and assist organizations in understanding the human element which is growth and culture. 

In addition, we will be looking to work with young go-getters through seminars and training programs.  We will be addressing coaching for success, emotional intelligence in the workplace and leadership skills for the new organization.  By implementing the SHAW thought process; these individuals will come out of our training with an idea on how to make a difference in their workplace and begin to see gaps that they can help close to help their organization grow.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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